Application of Technical Skills: Online Presence

Posted on May 1, 2011


A Letter From the Designer

Euclid group initially constructed a tumblr blog for the primary purpose of making multimedia updates about 3D printing with some ease of use by every member of the team.  However, tumblr’s standard template quickly encumbered our design plan with its limitations.  We then decided that we would experiment with migrating the data from our tumblr site to a wordpress blog.  Upon doing this we were immediately satisfied with the results.  WordPress enabled us to customize pages, sidebars, and different widgets like image banners to act as attractive hyperlink options to specific pages.  Our wordpress theme also allowed us to set featured thumbnail images for blog entries to create a handsome front page aesthetic.

While the tumblr platform offers many features we feel that it is somewhat closed and that wordpress offers the same features plus more functionality and customizability without having to manipulate html and css, while still affording those options.  While working with multiple image and document file types, .doc, .jpg, .psd, etc., at multiple sizes and resolutions it became tedious to constantly convert those files to a direct link via media hosting company (in our case: and imbed that link in the code of the site at each applicable line and then repeat the process to change the background and its size.  Our WordPress theme offers a cleaner minimalist look with more potential for dividing the web space into category allotments that are easily navigable.  Widgets and plug-ins like the one that displays our most recent twitter posts keep our visitors informed at the most concise levels to advertise the content of the articles and reviews.

All in all we at Euclid group feel that our site provides clear navigation for multi-tiered levels of engagement and participation with an easy-to-manage back end dashboard that enables us to consistently actualize our purposes.